Monday, February 7, 2011

Something old, something new...

A bride-to-be recently emailed us a question which we have answered, and we thought we'd share with you:

Jenna Myles, Bride-to-be in September 2011:  One thing I would like to know is do you have to have a separate piece on you that signifies each thing (something for old, something for new etc) or can you have piece of jewellery that's say, old and borrowed!  My understanding is the old, new, borrowed, blue all have to be worn by the bride too, is that right?

CBW:  Hello Jenna,  The saying goes "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe".  The last part is less well known but symbolises happiness and spiritual and financial wealth.

The bride wears something old as a symbol of her old life that she is leaving behind. Something new refers to the new hope in her new life. A borrowed item (usually a garter) from a happily married woman is believed to pass on good luck to the newlyweds. Blue symbolises purity, faithfulness and her commitment to her new husband.

It is definitely tradition that the bride wears all of these things, but we have scoured the internet and etiquette books and nothing seems to mention whether each of these items has to be separate. We don't think it would hurt to have the same item to signify two things. Your example of old borrowed jewellery for instance would be a symbol of the old life you are leaving behind and the 'borrowedness' of it would pass on good luck. That works for us. A very powerful piece of jewellery!

If you have a question about wedding traditions or etiquette, please feel free to email us.  The best will be published on our blog.

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