Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Romance in the air

February is well and truly here and Valentines Day is only five sleeps away.  To embrace the whole romantic vibe, we've put together some ideas to help you have a Valentine's Day to remember. 

Our friends at Viva Live Music believe music is the key.  They say:

"Recent research has identified that the brain secrets ‘feel good’ hormones when people hear music they know, or which they associate with happy memories. The impact is even more profound than tasting good food. 

Throughout history, serenading has been an important romantic gesture; the troubadour: a wandering minstrel, serenading a lady below her window is a classic gesture. But even now, there are ways of creating a romantic atmosphere or arranging a romantic gesture. Here are five ideas.

1) A singing telegraph is a fun way of arranging the delivery of flowers, chocolates or champagne. The singer bursts into song, serenading the person of your choice.

2) In true Casablanca style, ‘Play it again Sam’, you could arrange to have specific music played by a live musician when you go out to dinner. If you call the restaurant beforehand, they may be able to advise you on what's possible. Alternatively, on the day, ask the musician if a request or dedication could be made. Guitarists or pianists are ideal for this.

3) If you decide you want to propose, a solo violinist is perfect. They could set the scene, playing romantic music, whilst the most important question is asked.

4) You might also consider a private singer to either serenade you when the two of you are dining privately or to sing a special song during your meal.

5) It is also truly romantic to create your own playlist of songs; downloading songs from itunes to burn either a CD or ipod playlist. This is a lovely romantic gesture, particularly if you and your loved one have some wonderful musical memories that you have shared together."

Have a great day!
Credits:  Our warmest thanks go to Susan Heaton-Wright at Viva Live Music.

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