Monday, November 29, 2010

A passion for all things vintage

There's something about vintage weddings we adore.  Pretty vintage dresses (be they the genuine article, or simply vintage inspired), beautiful flowers like peonies and roses, music from yesteryear...the list of beautiful and desirable things goes on.

You can really have fun with the styling of the reception too and with the current popularity of vintage weddings, there are no shortage of suppliers to help you create the look you are after.  One particular one that caught our eye in the week was

When Rosie Watson and Katie Coakes first met at work back in 2006 little did they know that their shared fascination for the old fashioned would eventually mean they would end up starting their own business together four years later.  Scouring flea markets during their teabreaks really paid off when they launched their professional china hire and styling service.

We loved their vintage collection (and their passion) so much that we contacted them to find out more.  Rosie told us
"Our ethos is to reclaim, revive, recycle and breathe new life into forgotten treasures. We offer the ultimate ‘green’ style solution, and choosing vintage means that brides on a budget can make their funds go further. Why buy new when you can re-use something original for a fraction of the cost?"
We totally agree Rosie, and wish you and Katie all the best as you approach your first anniversary!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Having an outdoor ceremony?

...then take a look at our advice in this month's issue of An Essex Wedding (page 94).

Their reader said:  "I have my heart set on an outdoor ceremony next summer, but I'm conscious that the British weather can be very unreliable.  What's the best way to prepare for the grisly conditions?"

We said:  "It’s lovely that you are planning an outdoor ceremony – it’s such a romantic idea and will save on venue decorations, as you’ll have the natural beauty of your surroundings to wow guests!

And don’t worry; there are quite a few things that you can put into place to put your mind at rest on the day, so that you can relax whatever the British weather brings! Here are some of our ideas...

• Choose a venue that offers an alternative indoor space if the weather makes a turn for the worse. Braxted Park in Essex is a great example. You can hold your wedding outside in the beautifully restored Knott Garden, and they also keep the Orangery free for your use in case of unexpected downpours!

• Consider having some sort of cover like an open-sided canopy where your guests can sit out of the rain. Mangapp Manor in Essex provides just the thing, with the opportunity for you to marry in an African thatched gazebo, floating on water. Your guests are seated on the lakeside, under cover if required.

• Make sure that you tell your guests that the wedding will be held outside so that they can dress appropriately. If there is a drizzle, leave a selection of pretty umbrellas for your guests to huddle under. My personal favourites are the ones by Lisbeth Dahl.

• The outdoor surroundings can sometimes also drown out the sound of you making your wedding vows, especially if the rain is coming down too, so consider hiring in a sound system for you and your groom. Your DJ or band should be able to organise this for you.

• With rain often comes a drop in temperature, so why not consider leaving cosy blankets on everyone’s chair. That way, guests won’t be left in the cold should the rain come down! You could also consider using portable heaters and have warm drinks ready for your guests after the ceremony.

• If all else fails, use the weather as an excuse to acquire more pretty wedding accessories. Embrace the rain with a pair of wellies! I love the ones by Weddington Boots ( They can even be customised with diamante, feathers and ribbons!"
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Wedding Favours on a budget

It's always lovely to have your advice in print, and once again, we've been featured in your Herts and Beds Wedding magazine (December 2010 / January 2011 issue) on page 85.

Here's what we had to say:

Question: I know it's traditional to give favours to your guests, but my partner and I are working to a really tight budget, so to afford gifts for everyone, we'd have to compromise on other parts of the wedding.  Is there anything else that we could do, or give that our guests will appreciate? 

Clare Beckwith Weddings' answer: Giving favours to guests has long been a wedding tradition, the most popular type being five sugared almonds representing fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity. Favours can be expensive, but there really is no need to overspend if your budget is tight. My advice to you is to make your own – it would be a lovely gesture to hand craft something personally and you don’t even need to be particularly creative. Why not look at recipes for simple chocolate truffles for example. Seedlings and cuttings from your own garden make great favours too and add that extra personal touch!

Or if you really don’t have a penny more to spend – then skip the favours altogether! Traditions are lovely, but you don’t have to follow them!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

William and Kate to marry!

Gosh - it's going to be a wedding frenzy next year with William and Kate set to marry.  Congratulations to both of you.  We couldn't be happier.  Let us know if you need any help with the planning!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Elegant body art

If you'd have asked us a few years ago what we thought about the idea of one of our brides being 'tattooed' on her wedding day, we might have raised our perfectly plucked eyebrows!  But times change and we've got a feeling creative body art is going to be big in 2011. 

Check out the range by Jinny Rainbow.  With 200+ stencil designs, and over 100 glitters (including a new sterling silver one), the only thing to limit you will be your imagination. 

Fun, elegant, different.  We LOVE them!!

Our one plea - just make sure they are professionally applied!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

No ordinary wedding stationery!

At Clare Beckwith Weddings, we love fresh creative ideas, so you can imagine our delight when these bold stationery designs appeared in our in-box! 

They are by Ruth Springer Design who has a passion for everything 3-D.  We adore the clean, modern style.  They are sure to create an impact with your guests!  Take a look at some of these designs, or you can work with Ruth to create one of your very own...

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