Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Party Heaven

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! What little girl wouldn’t want to throw her birthday party at the Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry in West London, especially if they love all things pink and glittery? They get to delve into the dress up boxes, experiment with sparkly make up, eat scrumptious cakes, as well as mini muffins and brownies, all washed down with hot chocolate. Wish I was 10 again!

If you aren’t 10, but still love the concept, they have some great ideas for grown- ups too! I love the new range of seasonal hampers they’ve just bought out for Spring /Summer. They are packed full of yummy things, from fresh sandwiches and cakes to Champagne and ginger beer! Perfect for an informal party in the park! You can even tailor the contents to your own taste.

They’d also be great catering for a wedding reception or garden party. They say on their website “Canap├ęs, fine dining and tea parties are presented by elegant starlets and dapper chaps, dressed in our black and white outfits and a touch of red lipstick, we and add a touch of vintage style to any occasion.”

Feels like Summer already!

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