Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Years Resolution

Over the New Year, I was reading a really great article about New Years Resolutions. It suggested we forget making pointless resolutions like 'I want to lose weight, eat less chocolate, drink less alcohol, cut down on the crisps blah, blah', as we make those every year and somewhere along the way we give in, (usually around about February)!

The article challenged us to make resolutions that actually help us achieve something life enhancing - Like taking up a new skill. 

I can think of hundreds of things that are on my 'to do list', that I should really get down to, and if you are getting married in 2011, here's a delicious idea for you too.

Why not make your own wedding cake, and favours.

No, I haven't been watching too much 'Kirsty's Home Made Home'. I really am serious and it really is possible - with the help of the wonderfully talented Zoe Clark (http://www.zoeclarkcakes.com/)

Just imagine the pure pride when a guest asks you 'Who made your wedding cake?' and you say 'I did!'.

The courses are starting in January at Zoe's new shop in Wimbledon Park called the Cake Parlour.  You can learn the secrets of Zoe’s designs and learn how to create them yourself. There are courses on cupcakes and cookies as well as tiered wedding cakes and seasonal goodies. If you are not quite at the wedding planning stage yet, but want to make an impact when proposing, there is an entire day dedicated to baking the most romantic Valentine's cup cakes.

Go on, I challenge you to have a go!

Credits: http://www.zoeclarkcakes.com/

The images used in this blog post are from Zoe’s books (Cake decorating at home & Bake me I’m yours – Cupcake Love), so our special thanks go to her publisher – David and Charles.
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