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How to get the most perfect lashes on your wedding day

Ok, put your wedding 'to do' list down for a moment and take time out.  It's probably full of boring organisational stuff anyway like 'find a venue', 'research caterers', 'book a florist' etc etc.  Now where's the fun in that? 

When you are planning your wedding, make sure you cover off other important stuff too, like your beauty regime.  It can't all be about menu tasting, napkin folding and an endless search for the perfect wedding favour. One treat you might like to consider is having eye lash extensions.  They are incredibly popular now, and so much more natural looking than they ever used to be.  One of the pioneers is Jinny Lash, so we took time out to interview them to find out just how they go about giving us UK girls longer, thicker lashes.

What is Jinny Lash and how did it all begin?

Jinny Coffey was born in South Korea and moved to England in 1998 to continue her success as a beauty therapist in the UK.

Jinny Lash was founded in 2002 in South Korea by company director Jinny Coffey. By 2004, Jinny joined forces with her sister and brother-in-law and sourced the necessary materials to create and patent this innovative eyelash extension technique, a first of its kind.

Jinny worked closely with a South Korean factory to produce all the materials. From the specially formulated glue to the synthetic eyelashes, Jinny ensured the perfect end result.

On her frequent trips back to South Korea, Jinny also set up an education centre that offered training in the art of Jinny Lash ensuring that anyone who specialises in this technique is of the highest calibre.

In 2004, Jinny Lash was launched at the Excel Beauty Show and created a worldwide frenzy. Jinny Lash became an overnight success with numerous TV appearances and magazine reviews.

How can wearing lashes enhance a bride's look on her wedding day?

Eyelash extensions are the perfect 'beauty' cheat and a great add-on to your wedding day make up. Jinny Lash are incredibly natural, there are no visible bonds and they are light weight. They look and feel like your real eyelashes. They also provide an alternative to mascara so there will be no need to worry about panda eyes as the vows are read out! Jinny Lash extensions last up to 4 weeks and are waterproof, so will last well into a honeymoon, ensuring you look groomed all day, every day, even from the moment you wake!

What makes Jinny Lash different from all the rest?

Jinny Lash were the original eyelash extensions. Once this pioneering treatment was launched in the UK, many brands followed. What makes Jinny Lash so unique is the quality and research that is put into making each product. Jinny and her team regularly search for the most elite ingredients and products. In doing so, Jinny Lash extensions are lightweight plus the selection of tried and tested lash glues and lash bonds do not damage the natural eyelash. Jinny Lash pride themselves on offering a bespoke service and natural looking lash extensions with technicians who have undergone stringent training.

If a bride isn't used to wearing false eyelashes, how are they going to feel on the day?

Jinny Lash feel no different to your natural lashes. Unlike standard strip 'false' lashes, there is no skin contact.  The lash extensions and the natural extensions are bonded so there is no need to worry about allergies or sensitivity. Take extra care not to rub the eye area and these lashes will last for the full 4 weeks.

How are the lashes applied? How long does it take?

The lash extensions are applied individually by a trained and certified Jinny lash technician. This is a 'hair by hair' process so incredibly intricate. A full set (75 lashes per eye) takes approximately 1 hour 30 mins and a half set (40 lashes per eye) takes approximately 1 hour. We also offer a bespoke service eg corner flicks etc, this process will depend on the number of lashes required.

How long do they last?

Jinny Lash last approximately 4 weeks if suitably cared for. We recommend in and maintenance fills every 3 weeks.

What if a bride has blond eyelashes currently?

If a bride's natural eyelashes are particularly 'light' in colour, we may suggest tinting them prior to the extension process which can also be done at the Jinny Lash salons. Jinny Lash offer an overall eyelash service, consider this an eyelash MOT. They will extend, curl and tint to ensure you have the perfect set of eyelashes for your wedding day.

How can brides get some in time for their wedding day?

Come in and see the Jinny Lash team. They will be happy to help. Why not try a few lashes to start with and see how you go? There are a variety of thicknesses, length and curl type to choose from for a perfect set of lashes. Jinny Lash certified salons are located at 16 James Street, London W1 and in New Malden, 71 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3PB.

There are also numerous trained technicians in and around the UK. Please call the head office on 0207 495 8385 to find your nearest qualified Jinny Lash technician.
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