Friday, June 4, 2010

The perfect wedding outfit

It’s one of life’s lovely moments when you are invited to a friend’s wedding, but what if like some people, you go into a spin about what you should wear. So many people use a wedding as the perfect excuse to buy something new (no, honestly darling, I’ve had it for a while!). It can be an expensive time too, so don’t waste your hard earned cash, have a look at these fantastic tips by Isobel Kershaw from the NHJ Style Consultancy and just know that you’ll look gorgeous!...

There is nothing worse than arriving at a wedding to find that two other guests are wearing the same outfit as you. The problem is usually last minute panic buying and seemingly little choice for wedding outfits; this means we can be prone to looking at the same brands.
However, help can be at hand with your very own stylist – – who will create a unique ensemble which can then be reinvented for many other occasions. If you haven’t got a stylist on speed dial (tut, tut!) then what are the tips for a perfect outfit?

Tip 1 - It’s all about mixing the brands to ensure you are wearing something unique. The temptation is to hit a department store and buy everything from the same place. Write a list of what you need and then go looking. Check out options first before you buy. Shop assistants will tell you that you look great in everything but they are keen to make a sale. Use your eye and trust your judgement. Pretend you are looking at you – what do you think?

Tip 2 - Ensure that the outfit is flexible for other occasions – Try to avoid the obvious wedding looks of the matching dress with jacket, hat, handbag and shoes. Put together individual pieces which you can separate afterwards and incorporate in your wardrobe. Avoid over fussy prints and resist the temptation to be too flamboyant – leave that to the bride.




Tip 3 - Boutiques are a great place to start to find something a little less high street. Again, have a clear idea of what you want and perhaps select a couple of items rather than get everything from the boutique. There will be more individual brands you don’t see on the High street, but only buy something you truly love and feel ‘wow’ in.

Tip 4 - Spend more on the outfit, then accessorise at a lower budget. A gorgeous pair of shoes and a great dress will be worth the expenditure if you select something to wear again and again. Then buy your bag and costume jewellery from a choice of places like Accessorise, Oasis, John Lewis, and Top Shop. Again remember which stores are likely to be the most popular and make sure you mix the brands up.


Tip 5 - Well chosen accessories will ensure that your outfit looks individual and stylish. Choose a bold statement necklace for a bold colour dress in a different colour. A sequin clutch bag or a glitzy pair of shoes will add sparkle to a simple suit or dress.



Tip 6 - Above all – a good manicure and blow dry will finish the look.

Credits: NHJ Style Consultancy, Coast, Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Reiss, Accessorise, Top Shop
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  1. Love the tip about not buying everything from the same place (how often have I done that!). Words of wisdom from one who knows...

    Thanks Clare,