Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful you!

I came across a statistic that I thought was interesting the other day. According to a study by Cornell University in the US, over 70% of brides-to-be plan to lose weight before their big day, many opting for extreme dieting and fasting.

And apparently there’s every type of diet waiting to tempt you - there are even bridal boots camps that promise to make you the belle of the ball on your wedding day, helping you to lose 12lbs in one week!

The pressure is so high nowadays for brides to look ‘perfect’.

Now, I’m no dieting expert, but I can’t help thinking like fashion god Gok here, when I say, “You are gorgeous as you are!”

So, I was more than interested when I got a call from Louise at Nurture and Nature in Tring, Hertfordshire. She approaches dieting in a different way, helping you to make lifestyle changes rather than opt for radical diet changes.

Louise told me...

“Being on a diet and eliminating foods, ensures that someday your cravings will hit a peak and as a result you end up eating more than you would have done before. When you have the added pressure of organising a wedding and preparing yourself for your wedding that can push you into emotional overload.

Our attitude to food, diet and weight loss is influenced by what is happening in other areas of our lives. Willpower and motivation can be related to issues that we don’t realise, but we do know that there is an ‘internal tussle’. We just don’t understand why we do the opposite to what we want.”

Using a combination of Kinesiology, Reiki, Massage and other energy balancing techniques, Louise helps you to understand why your internal ‘tussle’ blocks you from having what you want. She can then help to restore a positive and focussed attitude to achieving your goal weight, and making lifestyle changes that feel positive, not being resigned to the boredom of a ‘diet’.

She looks at your feelings around dieting, different foods, how you feel about food on your plate, why you might want to keep hold of your weight, your awareness of how much you eat and why you don’t always do what you know you need to do to lose weight. Crucially she provides support along the way.

Now, that sounds better than trying the next faddy diet to me!

Illustration credit:  Duchesssa,
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  1. It's a shame there is so much pressure to look 'perfect' and agree with you and Gok. Nothing you see in magazines these days is real and many women just need a confidence boost. A good photographer will give you that. Following on from the success of How To Look Good Naked, check out the following website: Very classy!