Monday, April 25, 2011

Music at the Royal Wedding Reception

If you are as excited about the Royal Wedding as we are, you will be desperate to know every small detail about it.  Susan Heaton-Wright, our music expert has been keeping her eye on what is happening on the music front and gives us her thoughts about the types of music that might be played at the reception.
She says:

"After the wedding ceremony, William and Catherine and their guests will be attending a reception, hosted by the Queen, at Buckingham Palace. It was announced that the Welsh Harpist, who is the harpist by royal appointment, will be providing some background music for the reception.

Any reception is enhanced by good quality background music, and the Royal household is experienced in creating the most memorable occasions which include unforgettable music. I know a number of outstanding musicians that have performed at royal occasions, as background musicians, and they have said that the Royal household is always actively involved in choosing play lists, to create the correct atmosphere for each occasion. They might have been asked to include a ‘favourite song’ of a special guest; ‘Happy Birthday’ or even a special national song of a foreign guest!

We know that William and Catherine have engaged the Royal Harpist, Claire Jones to perform background music; she hasn’t revealed what she is playing, but as for any musician playing at a wedding, it is a very special occasion and one that she is very excited about.

We also know that the Welsh Guards: The Prince of Wales’s regiment are playing as guards of honour. My understanding is that they will play along side the Royal party going to and from the Abbey, but also play at the Buckingham Palace entrance that guests arrive at. What a welcome, and what an unforgettable experience!

We don’t know at this stage what other background music will be taking place during the reception, although there could be some options, including a smaller ‘concert’ band of the Welsh Guards playing background music, or possibly a string quartet or small orchestra. What we do know is that William and Catherine will have been proactive in the play list choices. I can’t wait to hear more details!"

Credits:  Susan Heaton-Wright,
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