Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favourite Wedding Venues...Shendish Manor

A piece about some of our favourite venues is well overdue on this blog.  We've been privileged enough to work at some really stunning ones, so writing about them all is just a matter of time.  We thought we'd kick off with one that we saw only today.  It was the perfect day to see it, as the sun has been shining here in this part of Hertfordshire for a full 8 hours or more!

Here are our thoughts on Shendish Manor. 

You kind of have to ignore the drive to the venue, if we are truthful, as Apsley and Hemel Hempstead aren't that easy on the eye. (For us anyway!) Don't let that cloud your judgement though, as once you turn off the main road and the Manor greets you at the end of a long driveway, it really is a pretty sight. 

The house itself is steeped in history.  The origins of the Shendish name go back to Norman times, when William the Conqueror’s brother is believed to have sub-let the farmhouse which was on the site to a Ralf de Chenduit, whose surname gradually became corrupted over time to the current Shendish pronunciation.

In 1853 it was acquired by Charles Longman who demolished farmhouse and built the present Shendish Manor.  In the first world war it was used an army camp.  Now it's a gorgeous venue for weddings and other events.

We liked the whole feel of the place.  It felt intimate, even though the newer part of the venue has a capacity of 350 people!

We particularly loved the gardens.  As we said earlier, the sun was shining and that always helps, but the grounds were absolutely stunning with mature trees, old brick walls, and a beautiful Gazebo which is licensed for outdoor ceremonies.  If you are hunting for a venue with the option of getting married outdoors, this one is certainly worth a look!  Tell them Clare Beckwith sent you!
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