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Find us in Your Herts and Beds Wedding - August/September Issue

We are always delighted to offer our advice to the team at Your Herts and Beds Wedding magazine because they are such a lovely bunch, and in the August/September issue we feature a number of times with hints and tips for their readers.

Here's what we have to say...

First Song Confusion

Reader question:  I want my first dance to be special, but my partner and I have never really had a song that's personal to us, so it's proving to be difficult. We've gone through all the usual lists of songs, but nothing ever seems quite right. Are there options we haven't explored yet?

Clare Beckwith Weddings say:  If you've already gone through all the usual options, perhaps you should consider commissioning a bespoke song for your first dance.  This will allow you to have your track tailor-made to suit you both, and everything from the musical style to the lyrics can be especially constructed around your shared memories. 

Try Jenna Myles at Pocket Songbird.  Pocket Songbird offers a personalised song writing and production service to make your big day extra special.   Whether it’s a bespoke song for your first dance together, with lyrics written especially about the two of you, or a very special surprise gift, delivered to your partner on the morning of your wedding, Pocket Songbird works with you to say it all in a song.

After talking through your ideas, their experienced songwriters will write and produce your very own song in your preferred musical style … package it beautifully and deliver it directly to you. They can also arrange a live performance of the song at your wedding, if you are looking for a truly personal first dance!

Call Jenna on 07855 357580.

I want our personalities to shine through

Reader question:  Having been to lots of traditional style weddings, I'm desperate to make my own big day more original, but I'm finding it difficult to think of ways to inject my personality into the proceedings. How can I add all the special touches that my partner and I want without 'theming' the whole wedding?

Clare Beckwith Weddings say:  You and fiance have been evolving your personal styles since you were young, and what better occasion than your wedding day to let your personalities shine through?  There are hundreds of ways to add character to a wedding, starting with the date itself.  Why not schedule it for a date that's special to you?  The anniversary of the proposal, or when you first met each other is ideal. 

Other ways in which you can add your own individual touch is to ask your florist to attach a piece of sentimental jewellery, like a broach to your bouquet, or personalise your favours by hand writing and attaching a heartfelt message for each guest telling them why they are so special to you.  Writing your own vows is also a popular way to persoanlise the service.

But whatever you decide on, remember that your day is an extension of your personal style so don't put on an East End inspired day complete with a red London bus and jellied eels if you are more of an uptown girl.

Photo credits.  My very special thanks to the gorgeous Mark and Tristan at Lord and Leverett, and to Mark and Rachel at eXpression photography.

First dance:
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