Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get fit for your big day

Ok, so it's winter.  It's cold out there, it's December tomorrow and the rain is due to set in.  At times like these, there's nothing we all love more than to cosy up in front of a log fire, with snuggy socks, a big jumper and a bar of Cadbury's.  But for those of you with a wedding round the corner you might want to swap your socks for a pair of trainers and start thinking about getting fit for your big day.  Now we know it's tricky and you need huge amounts of motivation, but just think of the benefits when you slide effortlessly and elegantly into your gown this summer.

So what are we suggesting?  Well, how about a weekend at fit camp?  Now those of you who follow this blog will know we're not huge fans of the traditional 'boot' camp.  The name just makes us want to run for the hills, but we've found one with a difference!  Happy Bodies in Milton Keynes have introduced a weekend fit camp; great for those of you who have other commitments in the week.  The emphasis is also on diet and nutrition so you can keep up all your good work when you get home.

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